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Dr. Clare Middle BVMS CVA Cert. IAVH Cert. FTh


I am a veterinarian who treats animals primarily using natural therapies.

Over the last 35 years, since I graduated from Murdoch University as a veterinarian, I have increasingly used natural therapies. Most of my patients have been dogs and cats who have not improved with conventional veterinary treatments at their regular vet. 

I have been using acupuncture for 34 years, and gained the Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture (CVA) from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1991. This is the Australian Veterinary Association recommended qualification for Australian vets using acupuncture. I completed a Brauer professional practitioner diploma in homoeopathy in 1996. I have reiki 2 and have several sets of flower essences which I enjoy using for behavioral and physical problems. I was the founding president for several years of the Australian Association of Holistic Veterinarians (now known as Integrative Veterinarians Australia), an organisation who encourages vets to use a holistic approach. The AAHV introduced the first veterinary specific professional course in classical homoeopathy for Australian vets, from which I was awarded the certificate of the International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy. 

I am not associated with a veterinary hospital, and work from a private consulting room at Bibra Lake in Perth, Western Australia, using acupuncture, classical homoeopathy, herbs, kinesiology, flower essences and reiki. 

I assume that most of my clients will have a local or regular vet for conventional medicine, surgery and emergency services, and they will bring their pet in to see me for chronic or ongoing problems where ongoing conventional drugs are not preferred or not working, for example skin allergies, lameness or spinal pain, colitis or behavioural problems. 

I am particularly interested in setting up a healthy lifetime for young animals using diet and minimal drugs. This interest includes keeping up with recent research into vaccination protocols and advising clients on optimizing the combination of minimal safe conventional vaccination with alternatives. 

In 2004 I sold the East Fremantle Veterinary Clinic, where I had increasingly incorporated natural therapies into a standard vet clinic environment. However, I found that I could not with full conscience continue to provide standard vaccination, drug and dried pet food protocols, so I have set up a natural therapies only consulting room, which will hopefully be complementary to existing conventional vet clinics, providing clients and vets with a holistic choice for companion animals. 

In 2006 I published the book "Real Food for Dogs and Cats" and I gained a certificate in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy with the Qi Institute (USA) in 2014.

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