Frontier Pets Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food

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I am now selling ethically farmed Frontier Pets raw freeze - dried dog food.

I don’t usually sell specific products here, and my first choice for most dogs is still a balanced raw diet, or partly cooked if needed, but this food is a great choice for dogs who won’t or can’t eat raw due to digestion or dental issues.

It is also a good choice for dog owners who prefer not to feed raw or fresh cooked, or for holiday and travelling convenience, or just for days you forget to defrost the raw, or for some variety.

A major feature of Frontier Pets is that all ingredients are ethically farmed in Australia, which I am very pleased to be supporting for moral and environmental reasons.

This also means that many pets who can’t handle the agricultural chemicals in non-free range or non-organic chicken and beef and pork will likely be able to eat the chicken, beef and pork in Frontier Pets.

Because it is freeze dried, most of the nutrients are still present, but it is light in weight and has a long shelf life (it stores at room temperature), so is easy to store, and convenient and easy to use.

Just add warm water to the food and it is ready to feed your dog.

One kg of freeze dried makes 4kg of ready to eat food, and costs about the same as premium processed dog food. Frontier Pets is far healthier than, and not at all the same, as the regular highly processed ‘premium’ dried kibble sold by most pet shops and vets (…which I don’t recommend – see my article “Natural Diet for Dogs and Cats” on this website).

Click here to view a daily feeding guide taking into account the size of your dog.

Because I am not a shop, just a consulting vet, I am not set up to have people drop in to chat, but I can take orders and payments on-line - see below - and arrange your collection of Frontier Pets from my office in Bibra Lake .

For further information on this product, see Diana Scott’s website   or contact her directly, as she knows more than I do about the details of manufacture.

Diana asked me to sell Frontier Pets because her WA customers were finding the freight cost prohibitive, so my slightly higher prices than on her website help towards freight for me to get the product here, but are far cheaper than you ordering it direct from her in the Eastern states.

For customers who live nearer to Midland than Bibra Lake, Dr Rosemary Hood is also selling Frontier Pets from her integrative vet clinic  

Products and prices

NOTE: Prices include GST and to be collected from my Bibra Lake premises - It is not possible at this time to post these items.

NOTE: Each Kg of dried food makes up 4Kg of re-constituted food